Borderless Being and Boundaries

Let's begin with a few terms whose definitions are complicating everyone's identity structures:

~ sovereignty ~
~ authenticity ~
~ individuality ~
~ borders  ~
~ separation ~
~ isolation ~

What do these terms have in common? Their contracts with control. As you look at the list, notice how you probably react to the first four terms as 'good things' and the last two as 'maybe not so good' depending on how the terms are defined and deployed (acted out).

Here is a scenario for you. One feels entitled to one's individual expression in the world. Sounds reasonable. One feels entitled to or fights to acquire or defend sovereignty (the right of internal governance, essentially). Sounds perhaps reasonable as well.  MUCH is written about being authentic, about finding and acting through and with one's most authentic self.  Again, sounds ok or better than what else is 'out there'... then we get to borders. Well, nations require these. Why? To effectively implement sovereignty and allegedly protect individuality (or national chauvinism) through... separation... which can lead to isolationist views... which then are turned, by the most spiritual among us, into vows to create something called sanctuary. 

This is not the gross generalization is might seem to be. Read the last paragraph again and see how it FEELS. If you start to wobble at all... your bodies are running some part of this. In my observation, we all are. 

What is wrong with seeking sanctuary? Not a single thing. Sanctuary is where the particle and the wave merge in safe, sacred space. It is possible only through beingness. Being first, building after.

What is the difference between borders and boundaries? That depends on one's own definitions, does it not? Is a border a boundary that ought not to be crossed? How, then, would global travel and exchange be possible? Do borders still make sense? They are a requirement for sovereign 'states' to define themselves within... Do you begin to feel how this program loops within everything?

What if borderless belonging by consent with healthily developed boundaries, both individualized and collaboratively defined, was a more evolved model than anything this world has seen or attempted to implement thus far?

Our physical bodies function this way. Think about it. From one individuated cell penetrated by another a miraculous collaboration is birthed. The miracle of that never ceases to astound me. How is a new life form possible from this equation?  Why is it ever taken for granted?

What if conception always begins with Infinite direction? You might be thinking "ok, sure, but what's your point?" 

We have cultivated borders when we could have been developing healthy boundaries to both protect and share what matters.

We value control over collaboration. "We" being the human state of mind that egoically defends authenticity and individuality in unhealthy ways. 

Is that true for you? If not, then why does any allegiance still rest within this obsolete and unproductive looped program (otherwise known as a reality construct)?

That might be an unanswerable question, due to the complexities of the programs still running on this world. So let's address the first question instead.

Do you value control over collaboration? Do you value your egoic illusion of self-definition and sovereignty over truth? These things are good to know, good information to have about the state of your states of mind. There are no wrong answers... only what resonates with you.

The good news? Anything can change. Everything is changing. We are not the illusions of control or freedom that we have conned ourselves into believing. We are limitless expressions of Infinity. 

When we begin organizing ourselves and our lives (as the extensions of ourselves that they reflect) around this principle, we become the nucleus of a sanctuary as it defines its boundaries around us. We become sacred space-time-experience.

As we learn to practice this, we embody the higher octaves of expression we incarnated here to create. 

When we don't know what our next step is or ought to be, it is because it has not yet organized itself through and around us. It is there, invisible and as yet unmanifest, but absolutely real. And there are infinite potential next steps organized around each of our moments... so waiting for the 'perfect one' or taking the 'convenient one' is not our highest choicepoint.

When we let go of all identity, sovereignty (as defined by... those that define things), authenticity and other 'icities', as well as our definitions of what keeps us safe (that one is scary, I won't pretend it is not), we feel both isolated and unconditionally vulnerable. Neither recognizable by anyone else's definition nor protected by our own. It feels like oblivion to any of the ways we have identified ourselves. This is not the truth.

The ego cannot exist in that space. The solution becomes that of letting Source define itself through us as our individuated expression or particle of HER waves.

I began to practice this by asking Source to define 'my' boundaries, for whatever that 'me/my' configuration might be. Shock, awe, terror... those were some of the first reactive states my bodies moved through. A rough passage, only because our bodies are so indoctrinated into the loop I suggested above. {You may have your own ways of articulated it, of course.}

Borderless being with healthy boundaries... SO... ABSOLUTELY... and UNCONDITIONALLY... WORTH IT!!!!!!!  What is NOT sacrificed is our unique and precious facet of the infinite jewel. it is polished by this passage, not destroyed.

What if we created collaboratively from these vibrations? Want to play? Feel like being/creating sanctuary today?