Let's Talk Connections ~

Let's Talk Connections ~

We are taught in school to have a rudimentary understanding of the workings of connectivity in our brains. How synapses shift and change and habituate to certain patterns of speech and behavior. We learn that, as we consciously shift our thoughts and behaviors, our synapses shift to better accommodate our new patterns.

Some of us have learned or remembered that the root systems of our (or any) surface world form an integrated global system that helps to hold planetary consciousness in place. In the film, Avatar, the scientists try to explain to the mercenaries that the root systems of Pandora contain and transmit information at many times the capacity of a human brain. They try, unsuccessfully, to communicate a respect for that intelligence in those whose only motivation is profit, or, the 'end result.'

The magnitude of intelligence in inter-connectivity is in the movement and shaping of its connections. We say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. What if that link is our understanding of connectivity and the inherent intelligence within its embrace?

For example, a tree firmly rooted here, in Ireland, on an island that might look cut off from other parts of the world, has connections to trees in North America or Afrika or anywhere else in the world you might imagine. The root systems are plugged in. They are able to be fully online if invited to be so by consciousness.

So, to continue this example, a stone circle, planted with conscious intent, is inherently able to connect with all others of its kind, via that circuit of conscious intention. A standing stone in Ireland can connect to one in France or Portugal or South America. They communicate. They breathe as one.

What makes the connection?
Consciousness coming fully online through available and newly created circuitry.

A few years ago I traveled to Brittany and a few other sites in France. I noticed a beacon of connectivity in Provençe, at Rennes le Chateau, where I had received a vision a few years prior to this trip. It seemed to be a stand-alone beacon, at least for me and the strata of perception I was working with. 

While at Carnac, in the fields of standing stones that reside there, I watched the stone grid shift and change. Some things that had taken precedence in its network faded away. Other downloaded information came into play. I observed as the consciousness that flows through me assisted in the facilitation of the shift. The music was grand, by the way. The star-and-stone symphony is one not to be missed whenever it is available.

After that trip, I re-visited two other sacred sites. Mont St. Michel and Chartres. I knew that the energies of Mont St. Michel had been altered. I watched the Great Mother make her changes while sitting in that light one evening. Chartres was altered under my feet, as I nibbled an ice cream, attempting to remain vertical on shifting cobblestones while everyone else around me shopped and dined and went about their business with nary a clue as to what was happening energetically in light fields inter-lacing their day-to-day.

During the drive back from Chartres, my attention was drawn into realms of connectivity within the ley lines of the planet. Rennes had sent a light runner through Mont St. Michel, which then connected with Chartres, which then connected into the newly-online-in-a-new-way fields at Carnac. It happened in an instant as I watched in wonder. New fields of light available.  New worlds in which to play!

Connections are facilitated through openings presented by inspiration. Inspiration is the currency of all new life and new light.

What inspires us allows us to perceive openings that a lift in consciousness makes available. Moving through these openings, light creates a connection. Connections share intelligence and create in new ways.

Our synapses function in this same way. Our brains have the capability to access Infinite connection. We are already wired for this. How much of us is truly online?


How are you connected?

How connected are you willing to be? And with what connections do you resonate?

During my current travels, a longstanding rift in the ley lines was illuminated. It became a blaze of light and upgraded connection that will soon integrate with other newly-online configurations, creating wholeness where divisions have long held sway. As within, so without. New games are about to begin. It will be fun to watch the wholeness have its way.

It is ours to watch in wonder as old connections dissolve and new ones come into play.


~ Welcome Home ~