The Web of Eternality ~ Wholistic Positioning of Attention

The Web of Eternality ~ Wholistic Positioning of Attention ~

Wow. Big important title. Probably not clickbait for most. But then, that is not HER interest for today.

I have been writing, lately, about Infinite connections. One semi-observation was that 'oh, wherever I am, or better said, where a vortex of grace exists, connections are made. ' Connections that light up between people, places, mystical realms. I used to wonder if I was the only one observing this as it happened. Given that we create and experience our unique versions of reality at every moment, it would stand to reason that 'I' would be observing the lighting up of connectivity within my experience. It would also stand to reason that others might or might not be observing this same set of circumstances, depending on how they might be creating and experiencing their realities. 

I have been contemplating lots of 'full circle' things this month. In my constant reading, I intuitively picked up several different books.  My reading list is Source-driven, like everything in my life.

One of these books, Out On A Limb by Shirley MacLaine, I have read at least twenty times.  {And I could swear that a few things have been edited out of the Kindle version... but maybe not.} Three of the others, {Strands of Starlight, Strands of Sunlight and Gossamer Axe} by Gael Baudino, out of print and sadly not available via Kindle (tsk tsk Gael) brought me home to a realm of the mystical that has long been part of my heart and re-vitalized my certain knowledge that magic and music are one and the same.

Another book I have read a few times now, Quantum Lens, by Douglas E. Richards. The zero point energy written about by Richards is the same Infinite field written about by Shirley MacLaine in Out On A Limb.  Different strokes, and a tech update, but the same 'Force' nonetheless.

Which brings me to the last book of this month's tally, Dan Brown's newly released Origin.  Bless you, for the Kindle version... as I now travel constantly I may miss my library intensely, but having one is no longer practical. Without pulling out the spoiler alerts, Dan nailed it with this one.

What is actual, real inter-connectivity and what happens when it becomes artificial?

What is a web of eternality and what do I mean by wholistic positioning of attention? This positioning could be called focus. SHE wanted a different expression here, because 'focus', while spot-on accurate, has, as a word, become overlaid with too many concepts for HER to make HER point. So here we go.

The web of eternality is the immortal harmony of all things. Nothing really dies. Everything changes form. That is the nature of worlds of form. The Infinite sea is made up of gluons, quarks, zero point energy, Source... the artificial web of connection is...right. The 'web'.

The internet is a metaphor for infinite inter-connectivity. Observe how quickly it took off and changed everything.

Every Avatar appearing in this world has done the same thing... by tapping into what is real. The Infinite connections available within Infinite unity don't look or feel like connections because connection implies the joining of two or more individuated things. Within unity, all simply exists. Creation is called forth from the vastness as a wholistic position. Already whole. Already complete.

Then, as creators-in-training, we learn how to let the pieces come together intuitively and organically from an already-felt wholeness. This is sometimes called synchronicity. Though we tend to think that synchronicities guide us or lead us along our way to something... each of these non-random events is a part of an emerging wholeness. This is 'new cycle' function.

Here is something to play with. Instead of 'calling forth' a not-yet-created whole from the ALL, allow yourself to dissolve into the Infinite completely, or into as much of it as you can handle at any given moment, and allow your desired creation to form within and around you. Watching this happen through you is amazing and wonder-inspiring and fun!

"Be happy with what is" was a misinterpretation of reality. The exercise is to stop focusing on what is not, what you don't have, and allow the wholistic position of "this" {whatever that is for you in real terms} to be created through you. Do not let your mind or emotions wander from this place... and see what happens. It is a resting in what IS... in ALL THAT IS...also misinterpreted to mean having to be happy with whatever shows up... which has merits, but is not how the instruction was intended.

Don't chase away the moments of joy. Feed them instead. Play with allowing love, peace, and joy as your natural state...  and let go of what you have been taught about those words or states of being.

Science tells us that anything that can be learned or proven will certainly be rendered obsolete by a newer learning or proof. This is growth, expansion, elevation of consciousness. This is the reality of increasing vibration. This is a high-frequency life.

The web of eternality is real. Everything else is an audition. A role to play for a time, because... we felt like it, or felt we had to for some reason we were taught mattered...usually to someone else.


Which is the puddle and which is the sea? It only makes a difference to you and me.

The more anxious you become, the more anxious 'they' become... and when beasties get anxious... they tend to poop on your values just to make the point. 

What are your values? As Samhain crests the waves and the Solstice nears, it is a good time to ask this question. Updrafts-r-us. What wants to fly with you? Staying with the old? Not an option. {Seriously, not an option in any dimension, not anymore.}

Have fun with this! Make a little time to play. {If you can't manifest a bubble of playtime light in a shitstorm by now, you have a bit of catching up to do!}

Infinite eternal love,