Radically Resetting Reality ~

Radically Resetting Reality ~

We know that things need to change. Lots of things. Big things. Global things. We rarely believe we are one or all of those things. Isn't that funny?

For those who are or have been 'doing the work' toward embodiment, another name for the state that has been called full cellular enlightenment, we know that change is not only inevitable, it is looked-for, prayed-for, worked-for, and requires the full application of a strong trust muscle for anything resembling progress to be seen at all. So why do we still think that our agendas might get to stay the same?

Gaia is hosting quite the party at present. A radical reset of reality on every possible front, especially ours. {Look to your zippers and buttons... if you know what I mean.} Anything denied is now in the spotlight of exposure and will definitively and dramatically be brought to light, especially the more we try to hide it.

Most of what is roaring to the surface is subconsciously driven emotional patterning... otherwise known as imprinting. Imprinting is never fully unconscious. The subconscious, that part of us that lies between perception and recall, and is fully plugged into every nano-blip of our reality dreaming, is the authority on our imprinting.  It knows when the imprints happened, where they were sourced and why we chose to allow them. It knows what structures within our goals and dreams are real and what are 'the stuff of other stuff'. This part of us is now bailing out all kinds of emotional stuff stored in our cellular structures. Imprinting not only no longer needed nor serving, but actively in the way, must go!

Do what you need to, to alleviate the physical and/or emotional symptoms and remember, they will pass. Higher vibrations of light always push out that which does not resonate with them. Always. Embody a higher vibration and the other stuff has to shift. Cosmic law.

This does not mean 'reality wars'. Someone else's reality does not have to push yours out of the way nor vice versa. Different realities exist simultaneously in the same neighborhoods, homes, even in our bodies. This is what is being altered right now. It is the realities that are woven through each of our beings that are changing. Why would we have thought they could stay the same?

When we allow ourselves to move as the Infinite creatures of light that we are, the realities that move through our bodies change... constantly. We become the ever-morphing waves of creation. Or, rather, we remove some of the filters of limitation we agreed to carry in order to have a singular set of experiences, to allow for... more.

How does this affect our goals, our dreams, our desires? Radically. I can report that while I am fluent in the fluidity of internal and external circumstantial change, this latest pass of purification came with some surprises. Layers of imprinting held deeply in my physical body, {most of which I have not now experienced for decades and therefore might have thought were long gone} and therefore, of course, in my physical life, showed up for a last hurrah. A last 'fifteen minutes' center stage in my emotional body's experience of what I wanted or thought I needed and what that was supposed to look like. This came as an unwelcome and total, gobsmacking surprise.

What? That experience of reality? But that has been over and done with for 'ever' and is nothing I want to experience further... oh, wait. Remember the purging part?

A radical reset of reality requires that our core limits, filters, and competencies are shaken to that very core, and shifted. As in, not just 'outed' but booted, tossed, heaved and dashed into our faces so that we can test their truth.

"Is that the truth?" helps in these scenarios. "I choose to be shown and to experience the truth of this situation..." oh, and here's the really important part... "no matter what." That "what" is usually that something is shifting in our favor that feels as though it flies in the face of our goals and dreams. Because we do not have the Infinite point of view from within our config files. We need Source's perspective for that.

So, "What is Source's perspective on this?" See how that feels. You might not be able to see it in any way that makes sense because everything is still morphing. You will feel, though, if something, no matter how weirdly changed and perhaps seemingly off course, is actually beneficial. It is going to be a good thing. How can this be? We will have to wait and see.

I could give you physical examples but they will have changed by the time you read this... isn't that amazing, and not a little bit cool?

It is our perceptions that make things 'so'. Ease off on your perceptual overdrive and catch a glimpse of a wider view. It will change the way things feel, even if the facts do not yet bear out a new truth.


How is your emerging reality better reflecting your light?

A radical reset of reality begins and continues with perception. "What am I not seeing in this situation? Is there more?" when faced with a paradox, one thing is certain. One of the perceived premises needs to change. {because it is skewed and therefore incorrect}

Your emerging reality reflects your light. How's that working for you? Better than you think.

Sending you love through the ever-presence morphing,