Let's Walk Embodiment ~

Let's Walk Embodiment ~

Once upon a time, I cleared energy. I cleaned things up. I completely and totally and unconditionally related to Hew Len defining himself as a 'cleaner' in Joe Vitale's book Zero Limits. I used similar methods from Huna and the Toltec traditions for years.

What stays with me now is the Ho'Oponopono prayer ~

I am sorry.    (for my errors in judgment)
Please forgive me.   (for my incorrect thinking and projecting)
Thank you.   (for being, Source of us all)
I love you.   (which goes without saying)

The order of this prayer {a program of un-doing} is important, by the way.

As is saying it directly to Source, rather than to a person, place or thing... except when you are perceiving Source in that person, place, situation, thing, opportunity, synchronicity or what-have-you. This is also important.

And, on a recent walk, I was reminded of another way. I was walking with friends on a path built for just such excursions. One among us collected a branch that had fallen from a tree and was making marks in the loose dirt and gravel of the path. Odd rune-like designs, the names of favorite sports teams, the kinds of things a child at play would write in the sand and watch as the sea washed them away.

Only this was not sand and the earth felt ignored and unappreciated by the random and slightly manic markings. We can clean it said the voice within. I began energetically erasing the markings, scuffing some with the edges of my trainers, leaving most for the light and the rains to wash away. I was becoming exhausted.

The more I cleaned and cleared, the more furious the marking activity became. After long minutes of this, I finally had the 'o-f-f-s' response. One of my walking companions heard my sotto voce exclamation and asked what was the matter. I explained and she quickly asked the one making the marks to cease and desist. He did so immediately. He understood. He knew exactly what he had been doing. That got my attention.

I took a deep breath and let go of any kind of 'how'. I had done this kind of clearing for so long that it was a habit. A kind of auto-pilot response to re-harmonize the land and the fields of energy. As I released the 'how' I dissolved into the path, the land, and the light therein.

As I became that dissolved frequency of light and harmony, the path began to resonate with it as well. All fixed forms marked onto its surface melted, and the way was cleansed. The cows, sheep, goats, and ponies in the pastures raised their heads and sauntered towards the light. The many and varied berries in the hedgerows glowed brighter. The heaviness in my chest lifted and what I felt was the joy.


In order to move through an opening, you must first become its frequencies.

When a large bull, alone in its own pasture, took an interest in our walking party, I smiled as others moved away. He had only come to pay his respects and watch the light at play.

My body felt light, rested, totally different from the exhaustion felt before. My friend noticed the change and asked what had happened. As I shared the experience her eyes lit up and she nodded, smiling.

"It didn't have to go through your body when it happened in this way. It's what you keep saying about becoming another vibration. Thank you for showing me!"

"Thank HER," I smiled.

"You really do have to let the light take over, so." She was serious now.

"One really does, yes." I smiled at her sigh. "One lets it happen with certain knowledge and zero agenda. And then... well... you saw what can be."

We completed the walk, the four of us, in quite a different state.

"Thank you, I love you," I whispered to the Grace.

"Likewise," SHE laughed winked a little. Another piece of embodiment had fallen into place.