The Wisdom to Know the Difference

The Wisdom to Know the Difference

Perception and Discernment.

What if everything you knew, every way you had done anything, everything you know yourself to be was changing? Welcome to the shifting sands of perception and discernment! There is a saying “As you perceive you believe… as you believe, you receive.” One could use the algebraic formula to then say “As you perceive you receive.” Quite true. So how are our current perceptual filters in the way of our receptivity?

The distractions of the media, politics, the chaos of this transit in time, are all potential answers to that question. Solar storms, geomagnetic pulses… anything can contribute to our filtering systems.  For example: You don’t watch the news (good for you!), you don’t pay attention to politics (you must be dead if you don’t know what’s going on), you keep yourself isolated in your own energy bubble, and you are largely unaware of cosmic events. So, how might these things affect your awareness if you shut them out?

You are not shutting out the vibrations of these realities. That is not possible on this world at this time, nor would it be wise. You aspire to wisdom, inner peace/calm and freedom, yes? A bit of wisdom… most people’s energetic filtering systems are currently co-opted by egoic consciousness or personal/spiritual agendas, or all three.  So how then does one navigate this transit? Through clarity of perception and the decisive and intuitive use of discernment.

Clarity of Perception ~ when you accurately perceive the truth, or as much of it as you can safely handle, in each and every situation. This allows you to freely discern what resonates for you and what does not, using your intuition.

Discernment ~ the ability to differentiate between what is useful, life-affirming, authentic and wise for your experience and what is not. Discernment has long been confused with judgement. Not so. It is the ability to discriminate (in the true sense of this word) as to what is energetically appropriate for your field. This is accomplished by moving into stillness and feeling.

Feeling, in the presence of but not limited by, filters and agendas allows your intuition free rein.  It will guide you absolutely and unconditionally if you allow this to be so.

It is time to BE the inner stillness, the Grace, and to allow intuition to guide each and every moment of our infusions into form ~ these things we call our lives.

How to know if your perception is open? How reactive are you to any circumstance? If there is reactivity present, not saying that is a ‘bad’ thing, there are filters at work. Egoic ones. Could be personal ego or spiritualized ego (and yes, ego is ego but these are two distinct flavors of same). If you perceive calmly, even in the midst of outrage over a situation, your perception is open.  If you are perceiving from the place of wonder and/or humour, your own openings have blossomed.

How to apply discernment? Practice. Every moment in every situation, dimension and reality. What is the truth in this? The real truth? How does this appear through the eyes of the Divine? Of the infinite field… or whatever other language you might choose to apply. When your mind tells you you don’t have time for this, “the matrix has you”. All it takes is a moment. Pause. Breathe. Let the infinite flow truth through you. You will perceive more openly and make better decisions based on intuitive discernment. Every time.

I observe the antics of the global stage at the moment and wonder at those who persist in making decisions in their ‘known’ ways, using methods told to them by ‘experts’, getting ‘expert’ opinions before making decisions instead of trusting their intuitions, making chameleon shifts in stance rather than true shifts in consciousness. And each and every being is playing out exactly the role s/he came here to play on this stage at this time. What an amazing world play! Highly entertaining and not a little bit scary sometimes. And yet…

What realities would open perception and true discernment make available to you? As you move with these energies, you will know. Only you, as your true Source Essence, know what is resonant for you… even though others may perceive it clearly… sometimes before you do.

We are all learning, growing, changing…lifetimes’ worth each day.

May you glide well into all that you are!  

Equinox Blessings from all of HER realities!
~unending love,