Shifting Configurations

Shifting Configurations

The whole world, every inhabitant of lovely Gaia, is going through what Carlos Castaneda called an assemblage point shift.  Our config files are not being upgraded but swapped out for something altogether new! A whole new configuration.

Whatever you still have within your various bodies that resonates with bits of the old cycle is now being triggered. Massively. This is not a punishment, it is not a ‘no pain, no gain’ scenario. This is so that you can feel your bodies’ resonances and use your conscious awareness to facilitate the shifting of your choosing.

In other words, if you recognize what is triggering as something leftover and leaving, focus on what your true aspirations are, and let the Great Mother hold you there. This begins your moving into harmony with your molting, your calving like a glacier, your complete morph-in-place that is happening right now, any way or where you are. You begin to move with the shift as a completely new being.

Facts on Functionality:
An archetypal configuration, assemblage point, or config file, in embodiment terms (meaning your bodies) can be defined in various ways. Genetics play a part in the hardware side of things, certainly. Other types of templates that are useful as tools for navigating are things like astrology, human design and the enneagram, to use a few examples. These types of templates are based upon your birth date and time, and other personality energetics, generally behaviourally-based. What is being discussed with these templates is the foundation of your personality or ego. How you chose to filter and configure your being in order to experience this world in certain ways. This includes your choice of genetics (your parents and bloodlines), the cosmic portal you chose to enter incarnation from (date/time of your birth and what alignments were present) and certain energetic structures or patterns from what you might call other lives.

For those who simply want a better, more relaxed experience of life with a dash of consciousness added ~ There are those who are here to have an experience in particular and whose path it is NOT to dissolve the ego, partially or in total. This path is not lesser than the others, it is more specific in nature and therefore holds more patterns, more filtering, and more specific realms of experience. This includes 80% of the bipeds on the planet, including you before you had your first ‘aha!’ or awakening or chose a spiritual path or to find more peace, or whatever it is you are beginning to seek.

For these individuals, the templates help to give a sense of shifting identity while an identity is still needed, even if that is for a lifetime. It often is. As the templates themselves shift, now, it helps to understand natal information as ‘the doorway in’ or chameleon morph you had to master to have the experiences you signed up for.

Then, use the tools to be fully and competently functional in those experiences, within Divine Flow. If those terms don’t resonate, find the ones that do! This stage of consciousness is helped by seeing the old configuration templates as scaffolding upon which to build an incarnation. This then moves into ‘sand paintings for...

Yes, you, the ‘serious’ ones. You, who choose consciousness most of the time in most situations. I have to say that, because if you truly choose consciousness 100% of the time in every situation you shift out of your previously chosen templates and become something else… keep reading though! You are in the realm of life as a multi-experiential experience of sand castles, sand paintings, or whatever other ‘all things are temporary or illusory’ metaphor works for you. The truth behind the illusion is light.  Always. And it is also necessary to HAVE the filters of experience to have experience at all sooo...

So you seek awareness, enlightenment, and you have committed your life to this. Brilliant. And you have done the work to discover your archetypal configurations and work with them to dissolve the patterning as much as possible without ever knowing what is actually possible or not. Again, brilliant! Seriously. Well done!

This is where using the templates as tools gets dicey in the new cycle. Are you your astrological data? (Hint: No!  Not even close!) As you begin to know this, the light melts the point at which you assemble yourself. You need this assemblage point or configuration point to be in a body, so don’t wish it away! Common rookie mistake. ;)

What was up for dissolution, deletion even, or zapping in the old cycle, has to be surrendered into the infinite field by letting go of ‘being that’. This helps: Check all of your “I AM this… statements and all of your I AM NOT that... statements”. Have that on real time autopilot but pay attention to how fast it is shifting rather than to the data on display! This is a huge shift right now! A shift in perception and focus. The Seeking archetypes are the phases of shifting where you first recognize the archetypal templates you function within, move through those into that place from which you truly do not have any idea who or what you are, in particular. In that place the remnants of ego, especially those held in the physical body, will try to hold on for some semblance of identity to be going on with… which keeps you in the Seeker archetypal form. (Hint: Seekers are not Finders).  Different archetype. Both have to be transcended. BOTH. You truly have to release everything you just spent decades figuring out about this thing you call yourself, about Spirit, about spirituality, about what works for you and what doesn’t, about everything. It goes so far past Beginner’s Mind that it makes the concept laughable. This is where you are or are about to be, in very short order.  This opening leads to...

the Awakening Ones:
.. at whatever stage you find yourself(ves). This is when the whole template thing gets diciest. Tip One: Remember that your astrological data, your enneagram number, et al are data that were part and parcel of your physical body’s birth and development circumstances. Period. As your awareness deepens and moves into your physicality, it pushes out this data. Pure and simple. For as long as it takes, the old data will seem as though it is in place, and those around you may even think they see it (usually projecting onto you) and you may even think you see these patterns in yourself - as they begin to become more and more peripheral in nature. Meaning that you see stuff show up in friends and neighbors and situations rather than in your own body and immediate circumstances… or… (and sometimes and…) your physical body reacts in ways you can’t reference with your newly minted consciousness. It’s all part of this shifting, beloveds. SHE has it, you, your bodies, and the whole of everything, wrapped up in HER embrace. You KNOW this, and are becoming it! Becoming is embodiment and vice versa. Multi-and-inter-dimensionally and in every known and unknown multiversal reality playing out or as yet undreamed of.

The becoming thing gets even stranger still. Patterns in so-called others release and the energies ‘go home’ into the love field, and that feels as though it is happening in your physical body and ‘your’ field.  Some say “Oh, that’s the shamanic way of things, of inner alchemy.” Not anymore. That was an old cycle way of describing what it is to become… and a path to get there the hard way. Trust me on this. Stranger than fiction. Then there can be the fear of moving ‘back’ into ego. Except that there is no back to go to in this case… “What if I’m imagining all this?  What if I’m in my ego?" Funny thing. In the Seeker stage, if you think that, you probably are indeed under the influence of egoic patterning. If you are in the phases of infinite embodiment, you are simply deluded by what the mind is holding onto out of habit. That is NOT the same as ‘being in the ego’ and if you try to argue this as semantics, see what SHE says about that! Too funny. (many do and it is well and truly hilarious)

Be the Field Meditation

The current transition is a flux nexus that will shear worlds from one another, create and shift realities and is beginning to manifest new experiences for everyone. For you, who are here to do this consciously and as a member of the circles of light, there is a way to be what resonates and let that re-create your life and your world.

This meditation takes you into being the field where you can consciously re-create your world.

14 Minutes

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How do you use the old templates in this phase? One can’t really. What is helpful, is progressed astrological data, transits, because the imprint of the cosmic portal of entry (your birthdate/time) lingers in the physical body, and truly allowing the openings to manifest through ANY configuration.  

When you are well and truly and perhaps ‘fully’ (who knows what that really is?) awakened, the old specific configurations are absolutely irrelevant and every configuration is available to you and plays through you at HER (Source’s) discretion. 

Hint for the New Cycle:
Every configuration is shifting and doing so continually. Don’t hide. Don’t wait it out in a corner somewhere, though that may be quite tempting on any given day. Be the field, use the information in the new recording, Field Setting Meditation, for shifting as an awakening one, and let HER show you how the tools you know may or may not be applicable to your current config file shifting in any given moment.

This is actually the best ride in any town ever manifested anywhere on any world, known or otherwise! The level of discomfort you may be feeling maps directly to the fractals of you that still resonate with the old stuff in any way. Those are kicking up a storm right now, massively triggered.  As well they need to be, to shake loose and be free.

~The Great Mother as yet another fractal currently called ‘Nalini’