Purging the Insanity - Part Two

Purging the Insanity - Part Two

Let’s talk about the anger. The collective, stored, seething rage that is overflowing in ways too many to count. AND, more importantly, the anger stored in the body mentioned in 'The Purging of (family) Insanity ~ Part One' article, that has been programmed to believe it is serving a purpose. What purpose could stored anger possibly serve? Here are the belief systems / rules / habits of behaviour: “Anger is a shield”. “Anger is power”. Sit with how this feels in your body and watch the examples spring to mind and memory!  

As we move into higher vibrations, the flow of love-light triggers the patterns that tell our bodies that anger is our best shield. There are many sayings that support this in every culture and society. The truth is that anger, as a pure and simple emotional vibration, is meant to indicate to our bodies and minds that something is not right for us in the current situation and needs to change. Period. The change does not come about through the acting out of the anger upon a person place or thing, but from its true and rightful expression as a steam vent, a release of energy. Anger needs to be released through the body. What has happened, especially for those who are ‘spiritual’, altruistic, hold true to harmlessness, and other qualities revered for their moral high ground, is that the anger is/has not been allowed to be expressed and thus is stored in the body.

It takes many forms, all of them ‘inflammatory’ in nature. Think all kinds of inflammation, including holding weight, symptoms that flare up… if you listen to the expressions you use to describe symptoms as they come and go you will see that all of this is a form of venting… which can lead to the kind of acting out happening in the world right now.

None of the acting out needs to occur. There are better ways to express power than blowing a steam vent all over someone or something or some situation, just to feel better. Anger running through the body feels more empowering than fear or helplessness, so it tends to be the ‘acted out’ component of this pathology, whether acted out - outwardly - or acted out - inwardly - as depression and storage in the physical and emotional bodies that leads to disease.  The body cannot hold onto ‘that much’ anger forever. It is toxic, poisonous and harmful to health.

The tech of this is that the body stores something that it has been programmed to believe is ‘harmful’ in some way and to some one, to express.

The tech of this is that the body stores something that it has been programmed to believe is ‘harmful’ in some way and to some one, to express.

The tech of this is that the body stores something that it has been programmed to believe is ‘harmful’ in some way and to some one, to express. That may be factual if not true. There are always productive ways to express anger. (truly) There is always a better way to express power. All… ways. When we choose to express through acting out stored anger/rage/outrage, we are ignoring the blessings that surround and flow through us. What if even the immediate need for change of some kind, could be expressed through and as blessing channels? It can do. It has not been programmed to release. What our habits and programs do, is to put us into situations, especially unconsciously or in dreams, that actually magnetize toxicity so that we can be angry and thus shielded and protected. “Best defense being a good offense…” (not true). This is called negative merging. Merging negatively with an energy, person, place or situation, in order to provoke the internal ‘anger’ shielding and thus be defended and safe. Even when we have worked through this at a psychological level, our bodies can hold the anger shields as a ‘last defense’ and do just that.

How to shift this? First: Choose to recognize the blessings that surround and flow through you. Try gratitude, even through clenched teeth or fists (or their psychological equivalents). Breathe. Relax into the infinite field. Feel all parts of you dissolving into the infinite love field that is light and the information component of love. Give your body permission and the instruction to let go of all stored/held anger and reactivity and let it flow into the field. It will not want to do this fully. That is part of the failsafe programming. The body has permission to store anger when asked to release it, in order to keep the magnetic shields in place. Brilliant, really. Not functional in this new cycle.

An example: The inner (or outer) victim/judge/martyr programming that says you have to ‘be good’ or ‘be a good girl/boy/woman/man’ or whatever other definition it holds onto. This is a fixed, dogmatic position. It must dissolve along with the anger and other vicious emotional baggage, or nothing will budge. An example: promise/oath/vow/allegiance “As long as I live (sound like a marriage vow?). I will be connected to the collective pain to (insert your altruistic reason here) because that gives the collective power over me (no, that part is not conscious and will sabotage you every time) and I am then entitled to be angry/outraged… however your programming deludes you into believing you are justified and entitled to hold anger as a shield.

How to shift this? Thank the body and its programs for holding patterns to keep you safe and shielded. Relax into the field once again. Set a firm and constant intention that the body release all of its anger shielding, (including rage/outrage or whatever other words it uses to disguise things) including inflammatory reactivity, symptoms, thought patterns and habits of behaviour. Ask that Source, our Great Mother work with the inner tantruming child that has been denied (because after all you’ve worked through all this) its voice, to show it another way. 

The light that you are is the way, the truth and… itSELF.  Ask that any(one/thing) you are angry with be given as much gold/blue/white love-field light as it needs, direct from Source (the Great Mother). Ask this especially for those that really send you over the edge. It will not change them. It will remove the stored magnets from your own field that allow the offensive energies in. The love vibration removes toxicity. Pure and simple.

Use light as your shield. Shield hanging on walls, by the by, so it radiates through your now healthy boundaries and outward through the ‘walls’ that protect you. Intend, ask, command that light replace your shielding… and be creative with the shields as you see to do. This is the expression of blessings… no matter what. And… and this is most important… in a NON-MARTYRING WAY.  

As you practice this, use the Field Setting Meditation to allow your field to be filled, completed, and altered by the Infinite. Let HER have your back, and flow forth from you to alter all experiences generated by you and shared with others, into the highest possible expression. Leave the ‘what that is of highest possible expression' up to HER.

We are in the crucible. It is creating change. It is wonderful!
Don’t quit as the miracles are taking place!

~unending love