The Purging of (family) Insanity - Part One

The Purging of (family) Insanity - Part One

Part of what is happening for everyone at this moment is the (hopefully) purging of what could be called ‘family insanity’. The patterns absorbed in utero or in early infancy and childhood through our dna that are, quite literally, insane.  Especially for this new cycle. The old patterns that might have functioned, however dysfunctionally, simply will not. As we shift our consciousness and the awareness in our physical bodies, the higher octaves of vibration now available are pushing out older patterns of ‘what love is’, ‘how family functions (or does not)’, and how collaboration of every kind can flow.

I can report from my own experience and the reports of others that this purging can show up as bouts of painful physical symptoms. Headache, earache, jaw pain, digestive upsets. Sudden, sharp pains that have no explanation. A word of observation. Try a natural remedy of some kind, pick your favourite. Try that first. A medical professional is unlikely to be able to diagnose or treat your symptoms. If they are severe and/or persist, then by all means have the presenting symptom(s) looked at by a medical professional (or a healer first, perhaps)!  

The pain is actually a manifestation of anger that has been stored in our physical bodies and is purging out. Our tendency is to fight the pain. This pain has been caused by beating ourselves up initially for allowing the pain in, in the form of the anger of others. Then, it has been compounded by beating ourselves up over time for allowing it in in the first place, then storing it, then reacting or not reacting… compounded again and again until this pain has literally become part of us in a very physical way. It was never meant to be part of our architecture. We made a space for it, physically, vibrationally, because we did not know what else to do. The pain is exiting now, pushed out by the waves of love enfolding our world. And it hurts! Our bodies are making whole the circuitry that has short-circuited or been shut down in order to keep this at bay.

Let the pain move through you. What you have done this whole life is suppress it, push it aside, fight it. By all means, use whatever you need to to mitigate the symptoms, but let it flow through and OUT. Give your physical body the instruction and permission to let go of this once and for all. Permanently. The stored anger of others. The stored anger you knew you did not want to express or had no voice to express. The stored anger at yourself for expressing or not expressing or for buying into the whole ‘victimised by pain’ scenario in the first place. This goes very deep. Further than this incarnation. This is a lynchpin release for stored trauma, pain and outrage that your physical body has stored for you and kept you safe from. Thank the body and allow it to release this quickly and thoroughly. And yes, it hurts. Let the hurt of all the incarnations dissolve.

It is time now. It is time to be whole, rather than to be eternally ‘healing’. You will notice that you see huge overarching patterns if you are paying attention. Things that have repeated for this lifetime and most likely others. They are releasing now.  Resist the temptation to grab hold, to analyze, to process deeply. That is happening through your bodies. Relax as much as possible into the infinite fields of light and love and be the dissolution that this longheld resistance to cruelty, meanness and viciousness needs to pass out of existence.

You will make it through!  You feel the light rising. You feel the love flooding your awareness. Let the waters carry you home.

~unending love