Bluescreen World

Bluescreen World

This is a bluescreen world.

Visualize actors on a bluescreen stage. There are facsimiles of a partial stageset and props and the actors go through the motions as though they were interacting with situations, people, places and things. The better the actor, the more believable the virtual doubling, the situations, the outcome we call education or entertainment.  Wave a light sabre at the corner of a soundstage and your opponent is created virtually, just for that moment, in absolute harmony and collaboration with the action. Easier using CGI than being on location with a bazillion takes and per diem catering for hordes of extras. And the costuming!  Well, that is all part of the fun, is it not?  You wear the costume for your particular character and have fun doing it (unless it weighs a ton, is made of heavy materials and you’re shooting in the Sahara - or maybe you thought you deserved a good penance scenario?).  

Ask your essence, and Source, to light it up for you. Spotlight, centre stage...

Ask your essence, and Source, to light it up for you. Spotlight, centre stage...

A fun way to begin to see this is to ask yourself what character or role you are currently playing. Ask your essence, and Source, to light it up for you. Spotlight, centre stage and all that. Is this new, or a part you have always wanted to play, or something you have simply taken on because the part was available and there was no other understudy waiting in the wings? Are you enjoying it? This is more important than you might let on to yourself. If you’re not enjoying your current role, is it training? An exercise to prepare you for the next big thing? OR is this a role that is comfortable and familiar, despite all of its other attributes? One you can play like breathing that requires no stretch, no growth and will never truly fill you up with joy.

NOW, list the reasons you play the role or feel obligated or that you have to. List all the reasons why you cannot possibly do something else. Go back to the bluescreen soundstage. None of what you have just written down is written in this room. NONE OF IT! You could take each and every action you ‘always take’ or new ones and what appears to co-star in your life could be totally and completely different. If you remember that how you feel about your actions creates a different world for you.

For example:
Once upon a time I was dreaming. I found myself in a land that was blue in nature. Gold/white light creating images, scenarios like islands in a big blue sea. I had no idea what I was supposed to do here or how anything worked. I wondered about that and saw, a short distance away, what appeared to be a man, on a tiny island, rigging what looked like a large raft with sails. Multiple square sails, like the ones on ancient seafaring vessels. He adjusted the set of each sail, one for each direction, and two or three more for good measure. With each adjustment, he looked up, felt the winds, tested the lines, walked about on the raft… then made more adjustments. From my perspective it looked like an endless exercise of not going anywhere.

As I approached, I was able to see inside the construct, to view the ‘sets’ from his perspective. He was seeing an entirely different world. One with form, with elementals, colours, and was achieving everything he hoped to by constant vigilance and focused attention. When I stepped back, to consider this from my point of view, his perspective, his experience vanished completely. I asked, “Excuse me”. He looked startled to be interrupted. “Excuse me. Can you tell me how this works? How you focus the light with your sails (lenses of perception) and what happens?” He looked at me as though I were crazy. “What?!!!!” and continued on with his game.

I then looked internally, asking the same thing. "How does this work, exactly? And what am I doing here? I like it… but what happens now?” I was shown an infinite sea of points of light, all within this blue arena, of different beings creating different experiences… most of them held within a tiny little space, like the sail guy. Some, floating around. Some pinpointing moments or pixels of light and diving in. I began to sense that anything was possible here.  

At that moment, I saw a far shore. Gleaming. Brilliant. Lovely soft opalescent colours, a wide beach, beautiful trees. I wanted to explore that loveliness. As I had that feeling, I rose into the air and began to fly high above what was now a beautiful sea, toward that shoreline. For a moment I thought, “Oh, I had better fly lower or more slowly so I don’t tire myself and fall. I might not make it all the way.” Instantly, my altitude decreased and I was gliding lower over the waves, feeling heavier by the moment, even though I was making no physical effort that I could notice. “Well, that was silly!” part of me thought. Instantly I rose again, speeding toward that lovely shoreline in complete knowing that “this is how it’s done”.

What happens next? That is where we all are now, as a new cycle unfurls its possibilities. What happens next? Whatever we allow into our “illusion”, our bluescreen soundstage, our imaginations, our feeling states and our minds. Why didn’t it work that way up until now?  Well it did, actually.  It’s just that we accepted the set of parameters, costumes, stagesets, props and circumstances that were available at the end of a very long old cycle. It was part of the ticket for getting to ‘here’ from ‘there’ and has no relevance nor bearing at all on what happens next… unless we let it set our sails in old familiar directions.

Why not set a new course? The whole world of experience needs a re-write. Why not start with your light? Ping something brilliant and set your sails accordingly. (The sails being metaphorical of course… nothing needs to be quite that way… though they WERE made of pure light as all the really good tools always are.)

Joyous Creating!