Starstream: the adult infancy remix

Starstream: the Adult Infancy Remix

What is being experienced at this time is physical and energetic infancy in adult bodies. New reality means new bodies, re-woven from the inside out.

It has been said that when a world goes through the kind of transition Gaia is experiencing, most of the inhabiting life forms are removed. Those wishing to continue life on that world are literally reborn into new physical forms. Residing in a grown body through this kind of restructuring is largely unprecedented on physical worlds like this one.

Our bodies are undergoing an experience unlike any we have experienced on any world before.  This can be unsettling, uncomfortable and not a little bit daunting if we are without a clue as to what is happening through us. It can feel as though the body (and our physical situation) morphs in and out of dysfunction. This is not so. We are being morphed into a more optimal functioning at new vibrations of maturity.

An infant body is fragile. It requires sustenance and sleep. As it morphs rapidly into a young ambulatory form (the toddler) it acquires new abilities in an unscripted way. If we remember this, and allow our current bodies this process, we ease our own way through the transition. Our feeling bodies understand what is happening, yet are also releasing the first round of our infant experience when this body was helpless and dependent upon others.  Our bodies recall the infant experience, trying to find a reference point for what they are feeling now. This requires gentleness and comfort while we morph and transform.

Part of what is felt is ‘too fast’! The ‘human’ infant body matures very slowly compared to other species. So, this rapidly accelerated growth cycle feels out of synch andterrifying to our cellular memory and all records and memories of how growth proceeded on the first go round. Reassure your physical body that this is not the same although some of the same cycles are being experienced. Remember that your Divine SELF knows exactly what to do and how to be.

Be patient with this process. It is bringing up every first and last memory of infancy, every issue, each and every moment experienced as trauma, whether our adult consciousness would categorize the moment in that way or not. In other words, our infant stuff is wildly and grandly ‘up’. This has everything to do with timing. Divine timing. Our awareness experiences the physical body and environment as a bit out of control. We have moments when, like a growing child, we stumble over our own feet both literally and energetically.  We relive the experience of having ‘two speeds’ ~ ON and OFF ~ like a growing child, a kitten or a puppy.

If this process is being overridden by your day-to-day life, you may be experiencing it as odd phases of burnout or feeling out of synch with yourSELF and perhaps everything around you. This can also be experienced as irritation, angst, grumpiness, despondency or just plain ‘out of sorts’. The old sorting algorithms do not apply!  

The good news is that there is nothing wrong. Nothing is amiss. This is an entirely new experience in a body on a physical world. How long will the transition take to complete?  Only Source knows. This is where the patience comes in. Patience with oneSELF. Patience with the rapid maturation process. Patience and compassionate gentleness with the physical body. This is NOT a time to dictate to your body! Mind over matter is ceasing to function.  Even caffeine may not work the way it used to.

Be gentle with the uniqueness of your transition and give yourSELF what you require to be safely and gently navigated to new shores. This requires an open and willing mind. Open to learning by experience once again ~ as when you were small. In HER vastness, you ARE small, as the precious particle of physicality you have infused your essence into in order to have this experience of embodiment. Not small as in inferior or worthless. Small as in precious, unique and maturing from seedform into full manifestation.  Celebrate this transition! Be gentle with your body. It has agreed to be your physical vehicle through something wondrous.  

As your wet wings begin to dry and take form, learn from each moment of new life. It IS a new life, no matter how it feels or what it looks like to your ‘oh so experienced’ eyes. Open to what is available in each NOW and let this transformation be glorious.

You were born for this! Let the transformation carry you home.
~unending love