Not Knowing What To Do

Not Knowing What To Do

We are well and truly in the ‘in between’ and times of great uncertainty.  There is a gift in not knowing. It pushes us into surrender, yes, and also does one more very important thing.  Not knowing creates an opening into Source, into Divinity.  This is a cycle of looking for the openings and moving into and through them, while letting go of fear.  The opening created by not knowing, however, is very specific and can be utilised to help us shift things.

When you hear yourself think “I don’t know what to do” there is a process that takes place in your mind and body.  The mind instantly grabs, leaps, stretches, twists to find defaults it can use to create some kind of comfort zone, no matter how tiny.  That ‘comfort’ space is then amplified by the emotional body to make the physical body feel better.  The false ‘feel better’ feeds an unconscious addiction to itself that then nourishes a self-fulfilling cycle.  No matter how much you want this to not be true, this is how the mechanics of mind function in order to try to keep you ‘functional’.  And in a really dysfunctional way!  No fault here.  This is how the mind has been trained.

How to change this?  Another more simple process.  When you hear yourself think “I don’t know what to do”, choose to recognize this for what it is.  An opening.  An opportunity to let Source, the Great Mother, create a shift.  Let HER do whatever it is through you, in a new and better way.  So, the technique: Hear the inner cry for help. Recognize it for the opening that it is.  Pause and take a deep breath, thanking your mind and body for this information. (It only takes a second and helps to create a better relationship for this to happen more frequently).  Immediately turn over the situation to the Divine.  This is not a ‘deer in headlights’ place.  If you are moving through this, you have already been there!  This is a consciously felt choice to let the Divine move through you, as you.  In that moment, choose this and say inwardly, in whatever words make sense to you, “True enough.  ‘I’ don’t know what to do, but YOU do, Source, so you do this through me.  ‘I’ am now out of the way and will take whatever actions need taking for this to happen YOUR way.  It will always be better.”  

The more you do this, the easier and more automatic it becomes.  By so doing, you create a new mind-body default that actually works for the new cycle.  When you hit the inner despair (and yes, it really is that, no matter how you try to think it is really ok and not so bad) you have hit a golden opportunity.  An opening to trust, in humility, that Source really does have all things in hand, knows better than you do no matter what your mind and experiences say to the contrary, and will easily and masterfully handle this circumstance if you let go and allow this to happen.  And if you agree to take Source's action steps, and only those.

How do you know if that voice is the true one?  Practice.  Pure and simple.  And, of course, you really do know the difference in how Source’s voice feels through you and how the false one feels… because that fake ‘feel better’ place is fleeting at best and you are right back in a bigger tailspin almost immediately. You know the one.  That voice is not Source.  You have the evidence.  Time to act on it.

Try it!  It really helps. The next time you hear “I don’t know what to do… (in any context)” try agreeing with that and activating a new sequence instead of allowing the defaults to take over.  They will only make your ego feel better for an instant.  You don’t have that kind of time to waste right now. You never did, really, but that hardly matters when worlds are turning ‘round you in a hurricane of grace'.

Welcome to the ‘in between’!!  May you surf it with as much ease and grace as you allow yourself to receive and become!
~unending love,