A Question of Faith

A Question of Faith

Intuition and complete trust in the Divine to act in and through us is the order of the NOW. This sets up a dilemma in our rational and unconscious minds.  The why of the dilemma is partly historical in nature.  (yes, really)  Prior to the Industrial Revolution, when Newtonian physics identified us as thinking machines and turned education into a system that churns out robots, the world at large operated on what was known as faith.  In those times, faith meant that an illiterate public was literally forced to trust in the clerics to interpret the ‘word of God’ for them, to tell them how to think and behave, and to enforce this through whatever means necessary.  (eesh)

So faith became implanted into our dna as something outside of ourselves controlling us to make us better, or to force us to behave in a certain set of ways and by those rules, with or without our thinking and trusting compliance.  One wanted one’s children kept safe and one has to eat, yes?  

Intuitively-driven life is different than submission to an outside authority.  Spirit, Source, the Great Mother in whatever name you choose to address HER, is NOT outside of us!  The unified field, zero point energy, these are scientific ways of describing the same phenomenon.  The invincible force… in Hindu terminology, of the Divine, that is the creative energy that IS life and IS love.  Is something we are forced to have faith in?  

Well, no.  This infinite sea of love-light-energy simply IS.  However your beliefs might define or deny it.  So what does faith have to do with any of this?  

In the unconscious and in our dna, as mentioned, there are definitions of what an intuitively-guided life looks like, should feel like, and probably ought to be.  These are outdated definitions only.  Faith, in its true guise, is a manifestation of utter positivity.  A belief, yes, that whatever occurs is in some way beneficial or will be if we give it enough time and attention and allow its growth to occur… and in an impatient world, this has gone out of fashion.  There is a totally misguided notion that intuition takes TIME… and it is SLOW… ???  The fact is that a question and its answer occupy the same vibrational space… universally.  So maybe it is a mishmash of outdated definitions that disempower both trust and creative thought processes that cause the disconnect?  

I prefer intuition and trust.  So does SHE.  Intuition, ‘in-tuition’ - paying attention (tuition) inwardly, facilitates and stabilizes a constant flow of Source energy through us, therefore ensuring that we are the expression of that energy in every moment…or in as many as we stay connected.  Simple really.  What about trust?  Following intuitive guidance takes trust in that process and in our own ability to get out of its way. It also takes a bit of grounding in our bodies, and maybe a lot of patience at first, as our minds re-acclimate to a new modality.  

Or is it new?  Children operate out of this completely, unless and until life throws distrust missiles their way.  Try asking your physical body if it remembers how to simply ‘be’ and ‘play’ and be guided by inner Divinity?  You may get interesting answers at first, but the bottom line is a ‘yes’, no matter how reluctantly.  

As the order of the NOW is intuition and trust, and our bodies already have this coding… we must have been set up for this all along, wouldn’t you feel?  Letting go into what you already know!  Faith is NOT abdication to an outside authority of any kind, no matter how powerful.  It is the inner certainty born of relaxing into the trust muscle, and letting go into flow.

Happy Groundhog Day!!!!!  
Does the fact that, if the critter sees his shadow means the sun is shining and that that alone is supposed to mean a quick end to winter mystify anyone else?  Really?  Cute critters though.  Probably happy to get a breath of fresh air in the midst of the hibernation period.  Why not take one yourself?!!!

When we see the light, we tend to want to play in it.  Or you could shiver and go back to napping for awhile… it is completely and totally up to you (with a healthy dose of ‘this is how it is going to be going forward and there is no going back', thrown in).