Let's Walk Embodiment ~

Let's Walk Embodiment ~

There is so much written about being rather than doing that it can feel redundant to even bring it up. The confusion about the 'how' of being, lies in thinking. Walking embodiment is being willing to be the necessary frequencies appropriate to any occasion. It can be fun to walk a new way.

Let's Talk Connections ~

Let's Talk Connections ~

As above, so below. As within, so without. There are so many flavors of this understanding. This walk of connectivity we infuse our awarenesses into. Where are you focused within Infinite connectivity? This focus determines the All.

Let's Walk All That Talk ~

Let's Walk All That Talk ~

Let's walk all that talk. The choices we have been making are designing our future realities. Not too distant futures, and those that await our eternal presence. Find the agenda behind any choice and you find the workings of its reality structures. Any agenda is only as valuable as where it will take you. Where do you want to end up? When we walk that reality, we invite the Infinite to put the 'how' into play.

Let's Talk Inspiration ~

Let's Talk Inspiration ~

The essence of living a High Frequency Life is inspiration. This is a life of inspiration as currency. We live by, for, and through what inspires us. If this sounds unrealistic or a bit 'Pollyanna', keep reading!

Let's Talk Liftoff ~

Let's Talk Liftoff ~

During a rocket launch, there is a lot of smoke, noise, a buildup of energy on the ground, the falling away of the support structure that held the rocket in place...and, finally, the big stack of fuel-and-engine stuff begins to slowly move skywards. As the vehicle moves past the atmosphere (boundary of an old reality) it sheds stages of the launch apparatus. Once in 'space' what remains of the vehicle is a tiny conical tip of what was a giant iceberg, surfing a reality that has been left behind. The cockpit is, finally, 'above the water line' of planetary consciousness and the formations of its realities.

Let's Not Talk ~ Let's Listen

Let's Not Talk ~ Let's Listen

Here it comes. Soon now. The big bounce of this year's Equinox energies... the Solstice and a further splitting of worlds looming a few months away. Sitting here in the full moon energies that kept me up and fully present all night long, I am inundated with feeling.

I forget sometimes, how inundating this world is. I 'forget' that the collective, mind-merged consensus that pretends to be consciousness surrounds and permeates almost everything. 'How could I forget?' some ask. It does press on one, does it not? (I'm smiling here.)

'Forget' is a less than exact word. Ignore is better. I ignore how inundating this world can be... the constant close-to-annihilating din of what humans call life. The stream of sounds that our auditory channels learn to filter out and that our psychic channels perceive but are not allowed to register. Why not? It hurts too much. Like a dog exposed to constant thunderstorm activity, our psychic channels cower and try to close down in self-protective shielding.

When we, the sensitives, the empaths, the starstreams, (you know who you are and I'm talking about beings like us) have bodies in a world like this one, we learn to close off certain receptive channels. Some days we close them all. Those can be good days. For us. Maybe not for others. Maybe not for us. We won't know until we find another way.

Today I have the building to myself for awhile. The other inhabitants are elsewhere, the property caretaker is busy with outdoor activities, our rescue dog is resting in his favorite shady hideout. Time out. Time out of timeliness. Time off from 'having to ignore'.

So what does one do with a spot of quiet? Or a spot of anything that feels a bit like "oh thank goodness?" I listen. This is not a new thing. It is something we come in with, this listening, this feeling, seeing and knowing. I remember. So do you.

Listening to the indigenous stone that forms the property walls, taken from the ground on which they stand. Listening to the standing people, the beautiful green world of trees. Listening to the transplanted grass of the 'Verde Americano' variety, popular here because it takes root in 'nothing' and grows so thickly. Hmm. Aptly named? That remains to be seen.

I turn off the incessant hum of electronics ('el refrigerador' really does make an awful din!) in order to listen more deeply. Then I remember. Every time. I am listening into the stillness, the silence that is the deepest, the only true well of all things. In this, I rest and am rejuvenated.


"Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary

to which you can retreat at any time

and be yourself." ~ Herman Hesse

One way to find this stillness in the physical world is at altitude. My Teacher advised us to journey to locations above 5,000 feet because that is where the 'thought line' cuts off and you can actually hear what there is to hear above its cacophony.

I find that one has to climb higher these days (if using that method). I lived at just over 8 thousand feet for five years and can report that it was sublime. Six thousand didn't do it. I had to be just above 7 thousand... but that is only one way.

Another way is to be next to a body of water, preferably the largest possible, or water that is in motion like a river or stream.  The negative ions produced by that environment help to mitigate psychic noise. Most sensitives love the water, don't you find?

So here I sit, in the jungle at sea level, in a land full of magic that is a little rough around the edges for my taste, but potent nonetheless. And I listen. I observe how this ferocity and the overt nature of the life force here is what is needed by some. I observe how my body has responded to this influx of chi with health, vitality, and healing... and how it and 'I' also need a more refined magic. I need the deepest wells. I crave the palpable well of silence.

I learned to 'listen' while in meditation in big cities, with no quiet to be found. I learned to listen while sitting in the deep woods or on the moors as a child. Where or when did you learn to listen? Have you forgotten how important this is? A hint: The body remembers when the mind does not.

One of the most important components of listening is feeling. This is wholistic receiving. Becoming that receiving tower, turning off the broadcast function completely for once. 

A full moon moment is a moment to give thanks for all that we receive. A moment to wonder at the fruit that, almost ripe, has not yet fallen into our waiting hands.

I listen for where I might be thankful for some things and want others to go away or change. Those wishes might be preferences or they might be pure and simple egoic arrogance. When I listen I always know the difference. As do you in your moments.

Humans have such strange ideas about moments, about gratitude and about life. The best solution is always listening. Listening to others, (at least for a few moments and if it doesn't feel good then excuse yourself and exit) listening to the natural world, listening to our bodies. And most importantly listening to life.

Today I am listening to 'my life'. What is it telling me? What 'secrets' have I allowed to remain hidden that might want to bask in the amplified spotlight of this full moon? What gems of real truth lie silently sparkling? 

Today I listen to the light... today and every day if I am honest. When that reservoir is full, even the most boisterous (and noisy) experiences and activities carry me into joy.

I love the following quote. I had a small plaque engraved with this that inspired me through my schooling years.  Now I have one small edit, courtesy of many years of 'awake' on this world.


"My dear, in the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love. In the midst of tears, I found there was an invincible smile. In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm...In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me there is something stronger, pushing right back."
~  Albert Camus

My edit? " ...no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there is something stronger, that knows no need to push at all." ~Nalini

What are you listening to today?

Oh gosh, I have to turn on the fridge, the ice cream is melting!!!

Happy Transformations!

Let's Talk Solutions ~

Let's Talk Solutions ~

What everyone is hoping for, praying for, intending and fairly adamant about needing right now are some immediate and sustainable solutions. Solutions to pretty much everything, especially to the endings, new beginnings, 'lettings of go', transitions, transformations and other divine amusement rides we have all been enjoying.

What does a solution look like? What does 'the miraculous solution' feel like? That would be subjective, would it not?

What if there are infinite solutions available in each and every circumstance? What then? How does one choose?

What is the solution to an updraft of cosmic proportions? What is the solution to a tsunami of light? Maybe to soar like a falcon in the upcoming drafts or to immerse like a sea lion or dolphin and ride the wave. Are those actions solutions? Why not?

The trick to every 'solution' is that, in dualistic terms, there appears to be a 'problem' to be solved. A productivity or personality bottleneck at work or in our creativity, a relationship or behavioral 'issue'... what do these things have in common? Their definition, by us, as a 'problem' to be solved (usually by 'us' or someone close to us if we're into abdication).

Given #1: The perception of a problem requiring a solution is subjective and rooted in the eye of the perceiver.

Given #2: (Thank you, Einstein) "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. "

It helps to remember the 'givens' when the symptoms of our circumstances feel all too real.

What is the solution to a pathless path with no satellite navigation telling us every step to take?  Oh wait, we have that. It's called intuition.


Listen to the Light

For 'ever' on this and all worlds, infinite intelligence has been, is, and always will be, available.

But let's go back to the Givens. You remember what a 'given' is from first-year geometry right? The basic formula begins with "Given that a statement or perception is true or factual, (rarely both) then how might one come to the 'proof' of a proposed solution? 

I found it a bit nonsensical that, if one began with a fixed perception (the given) and the proposed 'proof' of another fixed perception was assumed, there was any point in solving the problem or providing the 'proof'. Especially as all of this was to strengthen the mental gymnastics muscles, (not that maths aren't lovely, but I prefer chaos theory to pointless endeavors).  Maths being assumed to be a multiversal 'given' because, after all, any intelligent species in any universe would know how to count.

Human arrogance never ceases to entertain. Linear bullshit-r-us!

There are those who write about the infinite tech and specifications of everything happening, and I am sometimes one of them. There are those who get lost in the mental comings and goings of how all of this works and what one has to do to navigate 'all this stuff'. The funny thing about the mental gymnastics is that with everything changing all the time, the minute you get a handle on something in that way, it shifts. It changes.

On a world in the midst of massive sea changes, it might seem a bit odd to stick to our givens?

Yes, there are 'known' paths, facts, ways of perceiving truth. Many have been helpful.

Again with Einstein: "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Additives from Nalini: A LOT of knowledge is a disaster in the making. Bit weighty, that.

So what is a solution?  From Wikipedia: "In chemistry, a solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances." Hmmm. And we tend to think of a solution as a remedy of sorts... the 'thing' or circumstance that will replace a perceived problem with something more comfortable and convenient (or better).

What if a harmonious unification of essences ALWAYS (ooh, big committed word) creates new circumstances that could be perceived as a 'solution'?

Soaring like a falcon in the updrafts or diving in like a dolphin doesn't seem quite so Pollyanna now, does it?

Listen to the light. It is divine intelligence. Its voice is one we recognize when we are ready to receive. The 'solution' is in the mix.

We are one drop in the mixture ~ perhaps the drop that changes its properties once and for all. We will never know if we don't listen, commit, and let go.

~ wishing you dazzlingly infinite solutions,


Stillness ~

Stillness ~

The current opening is one of stillness. Think of it as the vast space that a great waterfall (like Niagara or Kalandula) empties into and through. Not a catch all but a portal. An opening. This one is made of light. It is the essence of stillness. The eye of a hurricane designed to sift and restructure and refine all that passes through its grace.

Let's Just Talk ~

Let's Just Talk ~

A brief conversation about the transition time between 7th August and 21st August, 2017. A wormhole of transition from what we used to be to what we are. This is a quick word of encouragement and a glimpse of how it works.

Let's Talk Starstreaming ~

Let's Talk Starstreaming ~

What does it mean to 'be' a Starstream? Scientifically speaking, we are taught that all of our atoms once came from the stars. That is factual. There are many reputable teachers and avatars whose work is to reawaken what has been called the Starseed coding in those who are ready. A worthy calling, certainly.

Starstreaming, as a way of being, is flowing as the light that we are, within the currents of the Infinite Sea of Love. Not as impractical and sappy as it might sound. In truth, this is how those who are dropping the mask practically function on a day-to-day basis. Interested? Read on.

Let's Talk Time ~

Let's Talk Time ~

What is time? What is a timeline? One way of perceiving a timeline is that it is a singularity or current within the Infinite seas. A timeline represents a seemingly linear flow through a series of experiences and events. 'Time' is the measure of our progress within a flow, track or trajectory. Why does that matter? Have a read and see.

Let's Talk Relating ~

Let's Talk Relating ~

Relating is part of everything we do and are. It is said that the way we relate to a single person, place, or thing is how we relate to life. There are many psychological tools for observing how we relate to life and others. In light-tech speak, what is this relating energy and how can we embody it effectively? Once we establish the what of this energy, we have to talk about love.

Let's Talk Immersion ~

Let's Talk Immersion ~

How many of us set up the story in our heads before we take a step? Statistics show that the answer is closer to something like 150% more than anyone would ever admit.

For the rest of this incarnation, we will be surfing the unknown in unscripted ways. This is learning by immersion.