I offer monthly tele-gatherings on a variety of topics including: special timings such as the Equinox, Cross Quarters, and Solstice, raising and refining vibration, connecting with the Infinite, being a Starstream in this world, and Great Mother archetypes (the Goddesses). Each gathering is a start-to-finish transmission from Source, containing energy readings, or light hacks as I sometimes call them, as well as timely information for ascension and evolution. To browse the entire list of audio offerings check out the Audio section of Work with Me. Listen below to three free audio offerings from my library.  If you would like to experience more, there are audios available for purchase (scroll down for a sampling) to add to your own library for future listening, learning and enrichment (also called deepening). 

essence tuning free audio

Essence & Field Tuning Free Audio 

"...All of our bodies, physical, emotional, mental, and so on, are part of the field of resonant vibration that we emanate. Essence tuning is utilising your Source resonance as the primary gauge for bringing your field into the cohesive vibrational states..."

circle of light free audio

Circle of Light Free Audio

"This audio transmission serves as a bulletin for new circle information, providing guidance as to how to identify your newly configuring circles, their guidance and movement into your physical and practical life realities. Enjoy!"

clearing in transition free audio

Clearing In Transition Free Audio

"We are all in a transition timing through the Equinox in March of 2017. Every last bit of anything undealt with is up for clearing. This audio transmission gives a bit of information and assistance in clearing what is coming up."

To find the next telegathering or other upcoming gatherings, check out the Gathering section of Work with Me and sign up for the next transmission. When you sign up, you will receive dial-in and webcast instructions for the gathering. I look forward to seeing you there! You will be able to download the audio recording for the gatherings you attend, within one month of the event date.

Relating in the Emerging Cycle

There is a way of relating, through a humble presence in and as the All, that is emerging as highly functional in the beginning cycle. What will ‘work’ in the NOW cycle is being-based relating, having little or nothing to do with personas or egoic agendas. The archetype of twin flames, while holding a baseline of truth, has been long interpreted through the lenses of duality. These lenses have become blinders, limiting what IS and what is possible.

(62 min. mp3 recording)

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Starstream Activation for ONEness

This recorded activation takes the place of all Level one activations given by Nalini over the past four years. The ONEness activation is a first opening of light circuitry for those new to their starstream codings and can be utilised as an upleveling into higher octaves for those who have been through one or many of the activations. One way to utilise this activation effectively is to allow it to shift you with each geographical move you make on the planet for the next two years. For each location within Gaia’s realms, there are star systems whose downloads can facilitate your integration, your remembering and your evolutionary development as a field being. Welcome home!

(36 min. mp3 recording)

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