Nalini is the luminary behind Chalice of Wisdom. She is internationally known as a transformational seer and wisdom carrier, an ‘incarnate’ or embodiment of the Great Mother. The focus of the transmissions and alignments that come through Nalini is that we all have the same Source connection. We came here to express divinity in a symphony of amazingly beautiful, yet diverse, harmonies. Look to nature for your examples: snow flakes, leaves, cherry blossoms no two are ever the same, and they are all ‘perfect’.

“As a life-long intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient perceiver, the Divine sees through me into the sacred architecture of alignment. An initiate in many Eastern and Western esoteric traditions, and ordained in three, I have spent this lifetime studying vibration, perception, and consciousness. Each path I have walked, in this and other lives, has brought a gift of understanding. In my journey into the depths of the Great Mother, the Source of us all, I found Home. I am Her conduit. And I am grateful.”

From the Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion comes a beautiful description of one who has fully stepped into their divinity. ”In a final initiation, Mary became the holder of an energy stream directly from Isis herself. In this regard, she was an embodiment of the Cosmic Mother. It is as if there were two – Mary the human, pure in spirit and heart, holding within her a direct portal into the Great Mother, the Creatrix of all matter, of all time and space.“

This is what it is to be an incarnate.