About the work I do

Awakening to yourself requires profound responsibility, humility, and maturity.  

I don’t work with people who want a quick fix or just want to be blissed out and not take responsibility for their lives. If you see this as a replacement for professional therapy, counseling, or financial advice, then working with me is probably not for you.  

I don’t do palliative bug fixes. I do upgrades to the entire system.

You’ve come to realize (and maybe the hard way) that walking someone else’s path - no matter how perfect and flashy it may look on TV or the internet - won’t work. No matter how much you pay someone, nothing can replace the fact that it will always be your feet in those shoes underneath you.

Here’s the thing... I’ll never ask you to step on my path. What I will do is temporarily step into your field to provide some light (when invited, of course) to help you not only get more comfortable with your path, but to start actually walking it. In your shoes; your perfectly-comfy-meant-for-you fit. To align you with your innate strength, power, creativity, and wisdom. To show you that those cookie-cutter techniques were never designed for you and that you already have everything you need within reach to make this journey a beautiful, awe-inspiring one.

Please don’t consider moving into a cave...

If you think that I’m going to try to convince you to give away your belongings and move to a remote mountainside somewhere, I’m happy to say you’re mistaken.

A mentor of mine once described a good life as being paradoxically 200% you: 100% spiritual and 100% physical. Both are essential in this incarnation.  

The spiritual journey isn’t an endless vacation, though living authentically can be that much fun! I don’t know about you, but for me, being alone in solitude for extended periods of time doesn’t bring real happiness or add to me fulfilling my purpose on this plane. For a short period - an hour, a few days, even a week or two – it can be truly blissful and definitely rejuvenating. But the question to ask is, once you’ve been fully recharged – what’s next? What do you do with your abundance of Source energy?

You live a full and fully conscious life squarely in the middle of the world you currently inhabit. It’s the only way to fly.  

What I help people do is walk the path of their spirit. This involves being in the real world with real, flawed people and mixing it up with life. It doesn’t involve ditching your day to day. It involves deepening into it in order to find the divine in all things and then maybe mixing that up as well!

How does a mystic walk their truest path with practical, firmly grounded feet?

Gaining direct access to Source means being able to ladle your light into the world in whatever way you choose. If you’re a dentist, we want you to be the most illumined and Source-connected dentist you can be, so your patients will feel calm and comforted in your chair. If you’re a stay-at-home mother, we want you to be a goddess to those little ones as you help them to understand this world.   

No caves necessary!

I invite you to explore the courses, programs, downloads and events on offer here, and hope you have indeed landed here at this time because Source knows you’re ready for the next phase of your awakening.

And finally, all about Nalini MacNab

The ‘professional’ bio ~

Nalini is an internationally known author, inspirational speaker, counsellor and transformational seer.

A lifelong student and teacher, Nalini has trained, learned and taught in music (a graduate of Ohio State University in Musicology, followed by post grad work at Oxford University in England), IT, martial arts and counselling.

She travels widely, working throughout the US, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico as a counsellor and advisor to individuals and business owners who want to live their spiritual principles in a practical way. She is known for her down to earth approach to spirituality and the development of expanded consciousness.

Nalini is the author of several eBooks, including Walk A(new)Way, The Samurai Scottie Trilogy (final book pending publication), Held in the Heartspace, a manual for letting the light lead, The Keys of Love, and Embodying Fluidity.

 She has appeared on radio and television interview shows internationally.

“As a life-long intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient perceiver, the Divine sees through me into the sacred architecture of alignment. An initiate in many Eastern and Western esoteric traditions, and ordained in three, I have spent this lifetime studying vibration, perception, and consciousness. Each path I have walked, in this and other lives, has brought a gift of understanding. In my journey into the depths of the Great Mother, the Source of us all, I found Home. I am Her conduit. And I am grateful.” -  Nalini MacNab.