Chalice of Wisdom is home to the transmissions and mentoring offerings of Nalini MacNab.

You remember who you are. You, who see and feel and know, and the Sight is with you. In this life, you may have doused those memories in genetic inheritance or cultural conditioning, but still, you know. We are of the ONE well of HER love.


Welcome to you, my travelling companion.

I’m glad you’re here!

Whether you have full remembrance or not, wherever on your path you currently find yourself, there exists within you an opening. A portal of sorts that, when consciously accessed, will lead you to real, lasting empowerment. This empowerment is not of the ego. Its rewards are not control, manipulation, or any similar talismanic qualities that are culturally worshipped in much of society today.

The kind of empowerment I’m referring to proffers an abundance of freedom, surrender, expansion, and connection to life. When this energy is awakened within you, you will walk through life with a sense of grace and resonance not of this world.

I’m here to tell you you were born awake. It’s in your source code. But most of us stray from the truest, most authentic version of ourselves. We get distracted and frightened and lurch from one fruitless endeavor to another. We get socially, culturally and materialistically hypnotized.

But all the while, somewhere deep within, you know what is true.

There’s a good chance you’ve found your way here because you’re not a newcomer to the path of awakening.  But you’re feeling unsteady. Maybe you’ve sprained a proverbial spiritual ankle or two. But you’re still committed to the spiritual path, and you’re ready to  relax into a deep, powerful peace and presence that you know is so close, yet has seemed so far away.

At your centre lies a wellspring of clarity and discernment. Aligning with this source will amplify your gifts, talents, and abilities. You’ll get better at what you do and - more importantly - you’ll feel whole as you’re doing it. You will come to understand what it’s like to live in flow and bliss with HER.



I’m Nalini MacNab. My truth, the expression of my whole, authentic self - is available as your guide.

Seeing someone become deeply connected with their source within brings me endless joy. Please have a look around and let me know if I can help at all. I’m happy we’ve found each other.

Are you interested in how I found HER way? Read my story in my eBook, 'Walk a (New) Way.