Chalice of Wisdom is home to the transmissions and mentoring offerings of Nalini MacNab.


Direct transmission works by entrainment. Entrainment is the harmonic principle of synchronizing one (person, place, thing or vibration) to the frequencies of another, by exposure and practice. Entrainment is used in energy management mentoring to allow one set of frequencies to be introduced to and experience another set of higher vibrations.

These transmissions are for those who choose to embody and live the highest frequency life possible, regardless of path, tradition or beliefs.


Nalini helps sensitives and the spiritually-oriented to raise their vibrations and to take the steps necessary to lead an impeccable, clean, high frequency life in whatever way the light within each being chooses to express itself. Her work emphasizes alignment with nature, sustainability, and reverence for all of life. Her gifts hold the knowledge that all worlds/realities are created through sound from light.

Chalice of Wisdom is not affiliated with any path, tradition, or ‘system’ in particular.